Thursday, September 19, 2013


A Brief Comment About Putin

By now, most politically-minded observers have read Vladimir Putin's comments in the New York Times.

Hopefully, more than a few have read the response penned by Jim DeMint as well.

I'm not going to get into a lengthily commentary about what should be obvious. DeMint's comments -- and ones by others -- effectively do that.

Criticisms of the U.S. -- some more than justified -- are beyond easy. If I can paraphrase Reagan in one of his rather funny but insightful jokes; In the U.S. we can criticize our leaders. Russians has the same freedom and they too can criticize America's leaders.

Chastisements coming from the current Russian bureau-autocrat are on par with the usual critiques heard and read daily on college campuses and in classrooms across America and by self-important intellectual whiners everywhere. It's been pointed out that what Putin wrote was basically what those on the political left say and write daily. What's really ironic is that the American president Putin directs much of his critique to has, in the past, held many of the same beliefs. In Putin's favor (and not Obama's), I'd note that he at least has some pride and confidence in his own nation. Pity our current president can only occasionally make a brief comment or two in favor of America and its system and values, and when he does it usually comes across as less than sincere. Obama and his wife have a long history of being typical American academic mentalities far removed from anything that could be even vaguely considered confident in our nation's -- exceptional -- founding principals (which is seen by the left as cheesy at best and fascist in spirit).

One more thing I want to note about Putin in general. I understand the macho posturing for a guy in his forties or so. Guys want to look cool. Rinding bare-chested on horseback, wrestling wild animals, and posing with dead tigers just makes one look they're posing. When you're a man over sixty, its time to simply look dignified in your suit and play responsible elder statesman. When the latest Putin- as-James Bond/Indiana Jones photo comes out, it reminds me of those once attractive women who are now old ladies but insist on wearing a short skirt and dying their hair bleach blond -- it just looks pathetic.

I truly hope that one day the long suffering people of Russia will be graced with a decent truly representative government that will leave them to excel, pursue happiness, and even criticize the state and its leaders. For now, 'some minor advancement from the past, but very minor.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Consensus is when everyone agrees to be stupid.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Government: The Gift That Keeps On Taking

This guy is great. My sympathies and appreciation goes out to anyone who rubs the pathetic reality of state-theft in the faces of the worthless parasites of government who daily / hourly coerce, compel, and assault free peoples.

No doubt that many who adore, or at least tolerate, the minions of state find this guy's actions absurd or perhaps stupid, but somebody has got to occasionally play with bureau-mind's feeble thought and remind us all just how much we are letting government enslave us to a death of a thousand cuts.

'Can't say it enough; screw the government!

Monday, September 02, 2013


The Loving Commands of State

There are things in the politics of contemporary events that infuriate me and this is one of them.

The state just plain sucks. I can only hope that the bureau-minions responsible for such things get their just "reward" in the end. "In the end" would be a good place to start.

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